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Is your food outlet up to date with the latest food standards requirements?

If your local Council’s inspector came to visit would you pass with the highest 5* rating? All my clients receive achieve at least 4-star hygiene rating and many of them are awarded 5-star hygiene rating which means greater credibility for you with both your customers and your delivery partners.

If you do not keep up-to-date records and comply with the law at all times there are many potential ramifications. There is a very strong possibility that you will receive a very low food hygiene rating which will certainly have a detrimental financial impact on your business.

Easy Step-by-Step Training

It is the law that you must provide a full HACCP system. If you are having any difficulty meeting this requirement I can help you every step of the way. I will assist you by implementing the Safer Food for Better Business pack (SFBB). I will train you and your staff in every aspect in providing safer food for a better business.

If the council has served your food outlet business with an improvement notice, or you are being prosecuted, I can help you by providing you with astonishingly quick solutions to almost any problem. And if necessary I can provide you with appropriate mitigation documentation for councils or courts.

Any food hygiene rating under 3-star hygiene rating will definitely have a limiting effect on your business and will dramatically reduce your ability to serve your potential customers quickly and efficiently because:

Five Reasons Why
  1. less than a 3-star hygiene rating means that most food delivery companies, including Just Eat and Deliveroo, will not list you amongst their approved outlets
  2. poor hygiene standards mean the local authority may prosecute you and the penalties can be severe.
  3. you could face unlimited fines as well upto and in over £10,000.00 in court costs
  4. if you or any member of your staff do not provide safe hygiene standards the courts can even imprison you for up to two years
  5. and finally, low ratings mean you are putting your customers and staff in harm’s way because of your poor hygiene application which means you risk harming the reputation of your business – why would you do that?
Let Me Help You to help your customers.

If you need help, or would like more information about the food safety training services I can help you implement so that you can achieve the highest rating possible, click here.

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