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Hello, I am James M, a fellow SFI affiliate like you, and am offering an incredible web design page service for all SFI affiliates who are looking to increase their web presence or who want the versatility of posting paid and free adverts on social media platforms.

So what is a web splash page – landing page ?

Normally a landing page is a page that is versatile and offers resources such as goods and services for visitors, information such as email, job title and possibly other contact details. The information collected then could be used for future marketing campaigns. In a nutshell: a splash/landing page is a single web page that receives, holds information and links to other sites of your choice.

Why should I be interested in a splash page?

know what you’re THINKING? But all the top affiliates within SFI will be advertising in a number of ways, including advertising on free sites and paid social media platforms.

However, the days of getting affiliate marketing advertisements, whether free and paid, approved on social media are becoming much more difficult. So you need to be clever .. and “mask” your affiliate link.

A splash page is much more than an information collector and I will design it specifically to help you recruit SFI affiliates on all social media platforms by acting as buffer between social media and your SFI sign-up page.

Splash Page Design, Join SFI, SFI, Sfi Affiliate, Landing Page Design

So how can you post adverts on the many social media platforms without them being taken down? The answer is to have a single web page (commonly called a landing or splash page) built that links a posted advert to your SFI sign-up page.

Your prospects simply click the link on your splash page and “Bingo” you have a new team member in your team.

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