121 link ltd, james morris, sfbb

My name is James Morris, a director of 121 Link Ltd. I specialise in implementing full HACCP systems (SFBB) helping non-compliant food outlets achieve four- and five-star ratings in a quick time.

Teaching By Doing

What makes my services especially unique is ninety percent of food outlets I help use English as a second language and struggle to understand, read and write the legal requirements of food safety. However, with my teaching by doing approach all participants have overcome and continue to implement safer ford for a better business (HACCP)

Another remarkable feature regarding my skill set is I have saved several companies and individuals many thousands of pounds in fines when local Environmental Health Officers have served improvement notices and summoned them to answer for their failings in the magistrates’ court.

To present I have turned around approximately sixty-three failing food outlets, all of which have either received a four- or five-star food hygiene rating from the local authorities.

If you would like to know how I can help your or would like to view testimonials from the many companies I have represented, please follow the link.